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The True Fluidic Oscillator may be used either with jointed pipe on a rig or with a  coiled tubing unit.

Specializing in True Fluidic Oscillator Technology for Well Intervention and Stimulation

Our mission is to partner with service providers and exploration and production companies to reduce operating costs, increase production and decrease environmental impact by establishing the True Fluidic Oscillator technology as a primary well intervention and stimulation process within their organizations.  

Quality         Knowledge       Experience

DHFS Technologies, LLC specializes in True Fluidic Oscillator (TFO) technology for near wellbore cleanout.  The proprietary design of our True Fluidic Oscillator combined with a manufacturing process using the highest grade of materials ensures superior quality and dependability in the field.  DHFS Technologies offers consultation and training on best practice applications, job design and treatment procedures based on 25 years of proven successful results utilizing the TFO technology globally for well intervention, stimulation and enhanced recovery.  ​ More on TFO