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Before and After True Fluidic 

 Oscillator Treatment

Cleaning Mechanisms  of Fluidic Oscillation

Cyclic Loading: 

Stress loading caused by the oscillating pressure waves as the tool is reciprocated through the interval.

Acoustic Streaming: 

Provides for "Pinpoint" placement of

treatment  fluid.

Chemical Reaction:

Enhances the chemical reaction through increased fluid mixing and by increasing

the surface area for contact.

​The Synergism  of  "Cyclic Loading", "Acoustic Streaming" and "Chemical Reaction" results in the restoration and enhancement of the natural near wellbore permeability.​  Fluid flow causes the tool to oscillate, which produces alternating bursts of fluid to be ejected into the wellbore, creating pulsating pressure waves  that break up and remove any  near wellbore damage.

Post Treatment, perforations open to injection
Pre-treatment, blocked with scale

This indicates that the depth of penetration with the True Fluidic Oscillator tool is greater than other tools using "similar" technology. ​TFO treatments range from primary stimulation of the formation to remedial workovers. The oscillator creates pulsating pressure waves within the wellbore and formation fluids that break up any type of near wellbore damage and restore and enhance the permeability of the perforations and near wellbore area. The TFO tool system can be run into the well via coiled tubing, conventional tubing, wash pipe, production tubing or drill pipe. The desired treatment fluid (acid, water, seawater, diesel, nitrified fluids, CO2, etc.) is pumped down the tubing through the TFO Tool. The kinetic energy of the pressure pulse travels through the wellbore fluid with no appreciable energy loss and the  pressure waves generated by the TFO tools are not affected by standoff like conventional jetting or velocity tools. It is only after the pressure wave contacts the obstruction in the wellbore and formation that this energy is “dumped” and the process of removing the near wellbore damage is initiated. As the damage is removed and the permeability is restored, these pressure waves penetrate deeper and deeper into the formation. The pressure waves expand in a spherical fashion from the point of origin, which ensures that 360º coverage is accomplished while moving the tools through the interval. The acoustic streaming induced by the oscillator focuses the energized treatment fluid pulses to the immediate area of the tool, which allows for near pin-pointed treating of specific intervals. Tool comparisons.


Unique From All Other Clean Out and

Stimulation Tools​

​The True Fluidic Oscillators are “true” in that there are no moving parts or packer elements to fail and unlike mechanical tools, which suffer from high-energy losses, the True Fluidic Oscillator maximizes the energy potential of the pumped fluid.  True Fluidic Oscillation is a proven technology used worldwide on a wide range of problems and well variations.  With thousands of jobs successfully performed worldwide, the TFO tool system has been used to correct problems in wells from 90 ft. to 27,000 ft. deep, with wellbore I.D. as large as 36”, and BHT ≥750ºF. The treatment design and execution varies according to well conditions and the operators goals. The TFO tool system enables operators to maximize their stimulation and workover dollars by dramatically increasing the effectiveness of their treatment fluids and cutting days off the job schedule.  Reports from customers who have used other tools and "similar" technology shows that the True Fluidic Oscillator is unsurpassed for long-term results. Actual production history shows that while few competing tools and technology may have similar production increases immediately after treatment, these "increases" drop off dramatically within 2-3 weeks.  Actual production history from offsetting wells shows that the TFO results in substantially higher long term production or injection increases.