TFO Applications

 ​Oil & Gas -  Cased or Open Hole  -  Disposal  -  Geothermal 

​ Vertical or Horizontal  -  CO2  -   Water  -   Injection    -  Monitoring

 Solution Mining  -    Production Flow Lines  -   Injection Flow Lines



 Benefits of True Fluidic Oscillator Technology

The True Fluidic Oscillator addresses loss of production and near wellbore conductivity problems.  It is used as a primary stimulation treatment for high permeability formations;  as a preparation treatment for gravel pac, frac pac and 
other stimulation treatments; or, as a preparation for chemical treatments. 


  • Restores and enhances  permeability of   the near wellbore formation area.
  • Ensures perforations are open and connected to the formation. 
  • Not limited by stand-off or hydrostatic pressure limitations like jetting nozzles, cavitation tools and standard  wash tools.
  • Effective in all sizes of tubulars and open hole diameter applications.
  • Lowers injection pressures in injection and  disposal wells and allows for higher rates of fluid.
  • Enhances the use of chemicals by increasing contact area and providing optimal placement in the wellbore and  perforations.​
  • Reliable – no elastomers or moving parts  and compatible with a wide range of treating fluids.
  • Lower costs due to reduction in water usage  and disposal trucking. 
  • May eliminate need for more expensive fracturing.
  • Clean out fill and stimulate production or injection in one trip.
  • Can be run on coiled tubing, or on jointed pipe with a rig on the well.
  • Reduction in environmental impact.​​​​​​

​Well Treatment Comparison Detail

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 Problems Treated

 ​Perforating  Damage -  Scales of All Types  -   Formation Fines
Drilling Damage  -  Paraffin  -  Deposition  -    Asphaltenes  -  Lost
Drilling Mud  -  Dehydrated Mud  -  Emulsions​​​​