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DHFS Technologies offers consultation and training on best practice applications,  job design and treatment procedures utilizing True Fluidic Oscillator technology. Training and consultation is customized to the individual technical and professional requirements of each client.  Depending on the customers needs, training can be appropriate for engineers, business development or operations teams in group events or individual consultation and is conducted conveniently at the customers chosen facility.  DHFS Technologies, LLC is committed to demonstrating to our customers how the TFO technology  can reduce operating costs, increase profits and decrease environmental impact.  Whether you are a service provider or E & P company, we would like to help you establish the technology as a viable revenue producing business stream and the most cost saving process within your organization.​ 

DHFS Technologies True Fluidic Oscillators are machined with the most technologically advanced equipment that is available for precision machining.  The proprietary design of the TFO is made with the strongest steel alloy available and an advanced coating technique to ensure even higher corrosion, heat and pressure resistance during near wellbore cleanout and stimulation operations.  

  • The  small sizes of  the TFO at 1.25" OD  and larger is convenient for all cased and open hole wellbore diameters and can be run on coiled tubing or jointed pipe.​

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